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© AfricaRice/R. Raman Togolese farmers from Danyi’s plateau still cultivate indigenous africain rice, Oryza glaberrima.

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Continental biodiversity and plants improvement, Womens 2017 Park Animal Trainers Mid Hot Adidas Print Brown Neo xqqrwvX41 - , Mali,

05 July 2018

An international study, coordinated by researchers from IRD-France, and involving the CEA and the Africa Rice Centre (AfricaRice), has identified the geographic origin of African rice domestication. By sequencing over 246 African wild and cultivated rice genomes, the researchers have shown ...

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Scientific publications, maps, IRD publications

The work of research scientists from the IRD are available in two online databases and on the site of the publications.


Horizon Pleins textes

80 000 referenced publications
52 000 downloadable documents

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18 000 referenced cartographic documents
2 800 downloadable maps
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The IRD Editions are intended to publish the works of researchers of the institute and its main French and foreign partners on the issues of environment and development in the Southern countries.

From research to development

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The IRD establishments

© IRD The IRD establishments

The IRD uses its network of offices located abroad to organise collaborations. It has a voluntary policy of long-term assignment of its researchers in the laboratories of its Southern partners.

The IRD establishments in

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